After graduating from the Camondo school, Jules Mesny-Deschamps chose to move towards two complementary areas: interior design, and furniture design. Dividing his time between space and object, it considers the creation as a game of composition: "Whether either film (medium in which it is high), painting, music, or even fashion while the creator is a composer. He composed - on film, canvas, partition, boss or plane - from all common materials, drawing inspiration from the sources that the world offers to those who can see and exploit them. "The success of a project lies in the way he said to perceive the material from which it will leave even before assemble and play with, to find how to innovate because of it.

Sensitive always to the movement of interior designers, Jules draws on the history of Paris, the capital of decorative arts, to create from that tradition. His work space is characterized by a very modern way he viewed and treated the scene, in that close to current uses, he nevertheless always enriches its taste for high decoration. But different and unique, yet these achievements obey whenever a first principle from the material to find its untapped property and create from it. Thus is it surrounded by the best French craftsmen and Europeans from the most noble and innovate turning techniques.


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